Max profit on Apple (AAPL) trade

Jon Lewis

We closed our Apple [stock_market_widget type=”inline” symbol=”AAPL” template=”basic” color=”default”] Spread last Friday for MAX PROFIT…

$540 (22% return) from a trade that was opened right through this “market madness” of the last few weeks— All thanks to my 80-20 Trade Scan!

My latest 80-20 Trade Scan video will walk you through the AAPL trade.

My 80-20 trade scan helps smart investors beat schizophrenic markets, by laser targeting in on profitable trades, even during market sell offs. And with many predicting the worst is far from over, I want to arm you with my 80-20 Trade Scan, so you can create an extra $200-$500 weekly for yourself too… Join me for FREE this Thursday, November 1st at 4pm EST: My 80-20 Trade Scan: How I Make Money in an Irrational Market

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