This Earnings Volatility Crush Gave Us a 47% Profit

Jon Lewis

Trading earnings is “red meat” for many traders.

You know, the bright, shiny object. It comes around four times a year … like clockwork … delivering more stock-moving opportunities than most can handle.

It can be intoxicating.

But here’s the thing about earnings season. Not many traders are successful at it, especially those who bet on BIG moves by buying options.


Because the stock move doesn’t always correlate with the earnings report.

In fact, most investors avoid trading stocks around earnings announcements.

But I’ve found there is a way to safely trade earnings announcements and almost always guarantee a profit.

I call it the trading the “Earnings Volatility Crush.”

Watch this short video to see how the “earnings volatility crush” handed us a 47% profit in a recent Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) earnings trade.

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