Cashing In On an “Over-Priced” Option

Jon Lewis

Each week I run my “Trade Scan” looking for “over-priced” options to “cash in” by selling credit spreads. Look what I found…

… Several stocks hit my screen but the one that got my eye was medical device maker, Boston Scientific [stock_market_widget type=”inline” symbol=”BSX” template=”basic” color=”default”], a stock that popped after an earnings beat.

This is a interesting opportunity for option sellers…

… Implied Volatility Rank of 53%
… The Implied Volatility above its historical volatility
… and the stock is on a general uptrend

I found a “trade set-up” I liked and in the video above I will teach you how to cash in on “over-priced” options following my 80-20 Trade Scan Strategy.

P.S. In LESS then 30 Minutes a Week you can create an “extra” $500 of weekly cash from ANY SIZE account following my “80-20” Trade Scan. Learn an option strategy that actually profits in any market!

About The Author

Meet Jon Lewis, With over 20 years of real experience, teaching AND trading, Jon will help you learn to use options profitably and safely in portfolios of any size.

His advantage, and now yours, is using simple, often overlooked spread options strategies which generate consistent income without significant risk.